Real relationship, real results.

Your Care Guide gets to know your family to make sure that everything gets done just the way you like it. It's like having a sister you trust around the corner. And they're always available to chat.

Care Guides are trusted, local professionals who help families navigate the challenges of aging.

Always work with the same Care Guide

Meet your Care Guide for free

Experience working with all stakeholders in family

Professionally licensed and accredited social workers

Extensive background check

Weekly wellness updates

Our Care Guides will check in weekly with your loved one in person, to say hi and make sure they have what they need.

In-person visits

From having a friendly conversation in person through actually helping with house management.


Getting groceries delivered. Eye drops. A picker-upper. Handling daily shopping for your loved one is easy.

Personal assistance

Replacing a broken washer. Upgrading their cellphone plan. Let your Care Guide take care of day-to-day tasks.

Leading industry partners

From the best plumbers and electricians to the best home care available, our partners are held to the highest standards of service.

Healthcare navigation

From booking a dental checkup to untangling Medicare, our Care Guides will make sure your loved one gets the healthcare they need.

Crisis response

When something goes wrong, your Care Guide will be there even if you're far away.

Care during covid

Care Guides always wear masks and gloves, maintain social distance, and meet outside as much as possible.

With the right help, your parents can thrive at home.

87% of Americans want to stay in their own home as they get older. Some can stay at home with no assistance, some need 24/7 care, and most are somewhere in-between.

Alice M.

Naperville, IL

My mom is always very picky about who she lets help her. Our Care Guide earned my mom’s trust.

Sharon B.

Chestnut Hill, MA

I work full-time, and AskWise has made it so much easier for me to take care of my parents. Their Care Guide is their go-to for day-to-day help.

George H.

Catalina Foothills, AZ

During covid I can’t travel to visit and help my parents in person. We matched with a great Care Guide and she’s there when I can’t be.

AskWise is more affordable than home care and residential communities.

Home Care
$2400+ / month
Starts at $199 / month
Assisted Living
$3000+ / month

In your free care planning session, we’ll discuss your family’s needs and make a plan for how a Care Guide can help.

Weekly check-in call
Referrals to trusted, local professionals
In-person visits
We'll make sure your loved one is doing well
2x month
Twice per week
Short-notice visits
If your loved one needs unexpected help, we'll be there to provide it
1x month
2x month
6x month
Concierge supervised referrals
Includes supervising home maintenance, accompanying to appointments
Per hour
1x month
4x month
24/7 crisis response
Even at 4 am on Christmas Eve
Per hour
1x annually
4x annually

AskWise matches you with a Care Guide for free.

Join when you're confident that they're a good match for your family.

Care tailored to your family

AskWise Care Guides make sure your loved one can thrive in their own home. Whether helping with grocery deliveries or coordinating with caregivers, our Care Guides make sure your parents have everything they need.

Weekly check-ins to keep up and say hi

Care Guides meet your loved one every week to say hi and make sure they have everything they need. If we notice anything that needs to be fixed around the house, we'll make sure it gets fixed. If we notice any signs of decline, we'll consult with your family to adjust the care plan.

In-person visits build a trusted relationship

Face-to-face meetings ensure that your Care Guide gets to know your family, and that your family is comfortable asking their Care Guide for assistance. Being there in-person allows Care Guides to see what's needed firsthand and adjust the care plan accordingly.

Industry-leading partners for legal, financial, and maintenance

We only work with the best plumbers, estate attorneys, and caregivers, and we hold them to the highest standards of service. Your happiness is guaranteed.

Call your Care Guide when the unexpected happens

Sometimes your loved one needs unexpected help. Maybe their thermostat is misbehaving, their hearing aid stopped working, or they fell. Whatever it is, our Care Guides can be there to help.

Consistent relationship with one Care Guide

We believe in building trusted, long-term relationships. Your family will always work with the same Care Guide.

Navigate healthcare without frustration

AskWise Care Guides jump through hoops so you don’t have to. From booking an appointment to talking to an insurance provider, our Care Guides will make sure your loved one gets the medical care they need, when they need it.

Shopping, appliances, and subscriptions simplified

Replacing a broken washer. Changing a cellphone plan. Getting groceries delivered. These things can take time and are difficult to do remotely. Care Guides provide assistance when shopping for items large or small.

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